My name is Mouloud Kanoun. I am 55 years old (at the time of writing). I have been suffering from acute multiple allergies for most of my life. Because of my health condition I married very late (in my forties) and have 2 young children (Ryan, 7 and Ramsey, 4). I am self employed and live with my family in Romford, England.

I always wanted to keep a journal (diary) to help me cope with my condition (catharsis), but never got down to it due to lack of commitment and energy. I hope that by keeping this blog I will not only help myself but fellow sufferers as well through sharing my experiences.

I will be talking about the various symptoms of this condition and the treatments I tried over the years to alleviate it. I do that from a patient’s perspective not a medical professional.  As stated in the Disclaimer page, nothing I say can be construed as medical advice.

English not being my first language, I ask you to bear with me by not expecting a perfect writing style. It is not my intention to enter a writing contest, I just want to get my message across as best I can.

As this is a personal blog, I may inevitably talk about my relationship with my family and other people involved. It is not my intention to harbour hard feelings or incriminate anybody. Rather I just want to say it as it is for the sake of clarity and nothing else.

It is my wish that this blog will become popular enough so that readers will participate by sharing their own experience for the benefit of fellow sufferers.

Thank you for visiting my blog; any comment will be greatly appreciated.

April 24, 2013